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6complete specializes in business technology. i.e., how to make more revenue for every dollar and every minute put into your business by using the latest most advanced technology. Formally – operational and branding optimization achieved by technology integration, brand establishment and knowledge sharing which will make your business relevant to the ever-evolving business world. Applying these elements and methods will bring your business to peak efficiency and will differentiate it from your competitors by showing the world an image of quality and progress. To learn more about our solutions click the icons below.


Technological training

Data Networks & telephony

Branding & graphics


Hardware & software


Internet & Digital


Data Security

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Clear and simple – time and money! We make our customers be more efficient and more profitable. This is our top goal. Saving your time and your money on both the short and long term alongside enlarging your customer base. We are a one-stop-shop, providing all your business’ technological and branding needs. Every business owner knows how much time and money is wasted on dealing and coordination multiple service providers while trying to complete a task. No more. We provide you with a professional, experienced with both hands-on activity as well as managing complexed international projects that will integrate and implement all our solutions for you (a human swiss army knife, if you will). Our specialist will perform and make sure that the upgrade process is being handled to your complete satisfaction and will make himself available to you for every question or request you might have. For our full list of advantages

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Pleased to meet you, we are 6complete.

The only company in Israel that provides a package of long-term technological and branding solutions with a guaranteed ROI (Return On Investment). We advocate business conduct that places service, quality and technology at the top of the pyramid - not just as a marketing slogan, but in our day-to-day operations. Let us state it now, we are a different business, we are not looking for customers - our customers find us. Our advertising budget is 0 shekels and all our customers (and we are proud to serve customers from 3 continents), heard of us through existing customers. This is not ostentation but simply a business concept which preaches that it is better to work with 20 customers who understand the direct connection between technology + image and a successful business, than with 100 customers who doubt it and impair their process and business.


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Assaf and the team brought our business into the 21st century. Every business shows good recommendations but here it is truly an exceptional case of professionalism, service and technological capabilities. Assaf saved us money in our day-to-day operations. I highly recommend 6complete to anyone who knows what's good for his business. Our company is functioning better and customers are simply enjoying better service and even saving their time thanks to the systems we have implemented

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Oded Polad, CEO

Polad Dishwashers Ltd.

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