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6complete אבטחת מידע לעסקים - הגנה פסיבי

Cyber breach. Protect Yourself

Every business holds sensitive information prone to hacking and sabotage - both outside and inside the business.
Do not be part of the statistics.
Ensure your protection from any damage to information



50% of the cyber attacks globally are aimed at small businesses . Take a moment to think about it. Of all the governments, public organizations, armies, intelligence agencies and other giants - all make up for only 50% of the attacks scope. Rest of the attacks are aimed at small businesses that are inherently exposed and therefore more profitable to attack, and for a good reason. A survey conducted among small and medium-sized business owners in found that 98% of businesses surveyed did not see the need to protect their business information from cyber attacks. Your business information is one of the biggest most important assets you have and in fact is one of the operating and growth engines of the business. It is therefore important to maintain and protect it and its integrity in every way possible.



We at 6complete see information security in the broadest sense of the word: keeping and protecting your information from any malicious or accidental damage, be it internal or external. Installing antivirus program and  set a computer password will not suffice. In our view, information security is a complete system, yet convenient and easy-to-operate that includes tools, actions and measures that must be taken to maintain the integrity of the business information.  

Information security for small medium businesses:

Endpoint Protection

Protect computers, tablets and any device with access to business information from viruses, ransomware and sabotage

Access Management

Data access based on need to know and allowed to edit concept. every bit of information will be assigned roles

Information integrity

Backup array to preserve your information in the event of a network intrusion, sabotage, physical damage and more

Password management

Password policy that requires all users to maintain a high and up-to-date level of security

Data encryption

Storing sensitive information in such a way that even if stolen, it will still appear unreadable and will be uselless to the attacker

Secure remote access

Keeping the information even when accessing it remotely or allowing access externally for support

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Experience! Over 20 years of technology management and integration in the Israeli and global market

ONE STOP SHOP! All solutions in one place. Huge savings in time and money

Full customization! Solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of each customer

Service! Corporate level service with human touch

Transparency! The client is part of the process and a full partner

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