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אימון טכנולוגי

6complete אימון טכנולוגי - הדרכות ואימון

Control technology easily

Technological training for managers and employees
Smartphones utilization, and social networks
Be free from technophobia

6complete אימון טכנולוגי - הדרכות יוטיוב
6complete אימון טכנולוגי - עבודה עם ווינ
6complete אימון טכנולוגי - הדרכת מיחשוב.
6complete אימון טכנולוגי - ניהול חנויות
6complete אימון טכנולוגי - גימייל וגוגל.
6complete אימון טכנולוגי - טלפונים חכמים
6complete אימון טכנולוגי - ווטסאפ עסקי.p
6complete אימון טכנולוגי - הדרכות רשתות



You bought the latest phone on the market, installed the most advanced customer and service management system in the business, opened an amazing online store, but ... no one really taught and instructed you how to work with all these systems. At best you manage to operate it at the basic level. In the worst case scenario, you will have to pay a support person or technician who will update and configure the product according to your requirements, or guide you again and again at a basic level. The frustration grows when you realize that the loss is twofold - you have invested the best of your money (and time) in an advanced phone or computer system and you are forced to keep paying just to take advantage of some of the features these products offer - you lose money both in investing in the system and in continuous payment for poor training.



The fishing rod model. Give a man a fish and he won't go hungry today, give him a fishing rod and teach him how to fish and he will never starve again. We will build a training and coaching program with you that will suit your pace and your requirements. We will strengthen all that requires strengthening. Good technological training also concentrates on the mental aspect and addresses natural concerns that arise when facing new technology. We will be available for you for any question by remotely taking over any device - no need to travel to the lab. In addition all our tutorial will be published just for you on our YouTube channel so you can always return to your tutorial and watch it as much as you want.

פתרונות אימון והדרכה טכנולוגיים למנהלים:

Smartphone Training

Proper telephone use, calendar management, reminders, and contacts. Useful widgets and advanced settings that will turn your phone into a workstation

Social Networks Training

Posting on networks, publishing tricks and hacks, profile management on social networks and efficient communication with customers

Google Product Training

How to use the free advanced tools of Google: Gmail, Drive, Hangout and more to help you save time and run your business better

Business Software Training

Part of our hardware and software service. every software and tool we integrate in your business will be accompanied by comprehensive training and support 

Microsoft Product Training

In-depth training on all office products, basic admin tools. 
Build spectacular presentations, advanced spreadsheets and official documents

Time management Training

Time management is an essential tool for any good business. We will provide you with simple and effective techniques that will allow you to make best use of your time. 

Data on a Touch Pad

למה לבחור בנו


Experience! Over 20 years of technology management and integration in the Israeli and global market

ONE STOP SHOP! All solutions in one place. Huge savings in time and money

Full customization! Solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of each customer

Service! Corporate level service with human touch

Transparency! The client is part of the process and a full partner

פתרונות משלימים


Networks & Telephon


Hardware & Software


Internet & Digita


Cyber Security

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